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Blue Vault provides its subscribers with the factual performance metrics, from beginning to end, needed to make better informed decisions concerning nontraded REITs, BDCs, and Closed-End Funds, Interval Funds and Private Offerings. Knowledge is power, in this case, the power to be completely informed before deciding on which alternative investments to use and the power to protect your practice from misleading sales and marketing tactics. Don’t be partially informed ever again. Utilize our expertise and solid research data services to know the facts. 

“Blue Vault’s mission is to conduct and provide reliable and thorough nontraded REIT and BDC performance-based research. Our top priority is helping keep you informed. Our commitment to you is transparency and education.”




Stacy Chitty
Vee Kimbrell

Management Team

Stacy Chitty: Managing Partner
Jim Sprow: Senior Vice President, Research
Betsy Ricks: Vice President, Business Development

News, Announcements, and More…

Inside the V(ALT), with Louis Rogers

Inside the V(ALT), with Louis Rogers

In this episode of Inside the V(ALT), Louis Rogers comments on multifamily fundamentals, migration from gateway cities, the effects of inflation on multifamily, and much more.

Clip: Who is Capital Square?

Clip: Who is Capital Square?

In this clip from Inside the V(ALT), Louis Rogers introduces Capital Square, including when it was founded, its focus, and its range of offerings.

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SmartStop Asset Management
CIM Group




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