About the Company

Centersky is a financial services-focused CRM management team led by Gary Davi, an innovation award-winning Capital Markets/Alt Sponsor CTO. Gary and his team of Administrators and Developers have each individually been involved directly in the Capital Markets business for 10+ years.

Our Business Mission

Centersky’s focus is to partner with a traditional IT Department creating a bridge between technology and sales, turning it from a cost center to a revenue producer by innovating around the Capital Markets Value Chain to automate manual processes and design alert centric environments including engagement intelligence to keep wholesalers in front of the right reps at the right time.

Information Technology, specifically utilizing a CRM platform, is no longer “optional”. It is deeply embedded in every business process and is a key component that Companies rely on. Centersky’s niche and value proposition is being the only innovative focused salesforce development and administration team focusing solely on the alternative investments space.

By partnering with Centersky you are entrusting your CRM platform to a team that are as much Capital Markets people as they are Technology people. In coordinating with a pro tech team that understands your business inside and out, you bypass the need to hire, train, re-hire, re-train full-time employees who may have less Capital Markets experience resulting in a lower level of service. The team at Centersky saves your company overhead and provides an innovative boost to your business resulting in more sales and increased market share. Please contact us to find out what we are doing for alternative sponsors and what we can do for you!




Gary Davi

Management Team

Gary Davi: Chief Technology Officer
Steven Gerstner: Vice President, Technology

Strategic Partnerships

• The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA)
• Blue Vault
• Many active Alt Sponsors



CRM Technology Services

News, Announcements, and more…

Inside the V(ALT), with Gary Davi

Inside the V(ALT), with Gary Davi

In this episode of Inside the V(ALT), Gary Davi discusses Centersky’s focus this year and moving forward, turning an IT department from a cost center to a revenue center, how Centersky’s approach can help both the wholesaler and the advisor, and more.

Clip: Building a Tech Roadmap

Clip: Building a Tech Roadmap

In this clip from Inside the V(ALT), Gary Davi illustrates the difference between having a break/fix mindset and building a roadmap for the future.

Contact Info

1278 Glenneyre Street #208
 Laguna Beach, CA 92651