Monthly NTR & BDC Sales: July Monthly Sales are in! See the numbers now.

August 12, 2016

Monthly nontraded REIT and BDC Sales.

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Nontraded REIT Sales

Nontraded BDC Sales

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Note: While the Blue Vault reported monthly sales figures do include the vast majority of all Nontraded REIT and Nontraded BDC sales, it does not include all. Blue Vault soon hopes to receive all additional monthly sales from those sponsors currently not providing the monthly sales data to Blue Vault.

However, Blue Vault estimates the listed sales numbers to be at least 98% of all industry sales.

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Derek Hayes
Blue Vault's Services
April 14, 2016

BlueVault saves a lot of time and effort in obtaining good numbers for analysis and provides good insights to compare against my own.