Secondary Markets

May 14, 2015

Shareholders in nontraded REITs have limited options when attempting to liquidate some or all of their common stock holdings. While most nontraded REITs have share redemption programs, these programs may have been suspended due to liquidity issues or restricted to redemption requests filed due to death, disability or other hardships. Blue Vault reports on the redemptions of nontraded REIT shares by each REIT on a quarterly basis, but a more complete picture of the redemptions issue would require a comparison of redemptions request to redemptions granted. For example, CNL Lifestyle REIT redeemed 319,000 shares of the 9,726,000 pending redemption requests in 3Q 2012. Behringer Harvard REIT I redeemed 880,000 shares (0.3%) of the 299 million shares outstanding in 2012. KBS REIT I imposed a $10 million limit on redemptions for all of 2012 and redeemed 1.38 million shares (0.7%) of the 191.1 million shares outstanding at an average price of $5.58 per share.

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Blue Vault's services are without question great resources for the review of the nontraded products offered.

Matthew C. Strife Suitability Manager, The O.N. Equity Sales Company Blue Vault Services April 11, 2016