A Bluetooth-enabled beacon

Beacons, such as this device from Gimbal, have broad applications for corporate occupiers.

ATLANTA—Corporate real estate professionals have beacons of hope when it comes to smart building solutions. A report from CoreNet Global sees a variety of occupier-related benefits from beacons, which are small, location-aware Bluetooth nodes.

For example, the report notes that an office populated with smartphones and outfitted with proximity beacons and other sensors could deliver accurate occupancy information. The data can help pinpoint peak time usage and favored workplace settings and resources, as well as identify open meeting rooms, locate employees and track missing equipment.

More broadly, the CoreNet Global report notes that beacons can enhance the tenant experience via building automation. For example, tenants enter a building and, after their presence is detected, the office computer and lights are activated, HVAC is set to the preferred temperature and the coffee machine switches on. Through beacon technology and context awareness, these features can be implemented into building automation systems to improve user experience.

Beacons can also be used to enhance a building’s emergency preparedness, by providing immediate updates to tenants via their smartphones, as well as escape routes. Beacons can also send the location of individuals to emergency personnel to let responders know where people are located in rescue and recovery efforts.

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