Blue Vault Announces Official Dates for Alts Week 2021

January 19, 2021

Blue Vault Announces Official Dates for Alts Week 2021

January 19, 2021 | Blue Vault

Blue Vault and Bowman Law are moving forward with Alts Week plans, virtually.  The Blue Vault Bowman Alts Summit Week 2021 will be held the week of March 8 and will last through Friday, March 12.

Dozens of presentations from industry-leading investment managers, professional servicing firms, and alternative investment thought leaders will be delivered.  Also expected are a variety of panel presentations. 

All financial advisors are invited to attend, as well as all Blue Vault partnering BDs, investment management firms, and professional services firms.

Commenting on the decision to move forward with virtually for the second straight year, Blue Vault Managing Partner Stacy Chitty said, “Similarly to last year, we’ve decided to forego a physical event.  With so many obstacles, due to COVID-19, and with so many other firms trying to make their physical event happen, it just felt like we should focus on other educational priorities.  We’re excited about the opportunities before us in 2021 to educate our subscribers and partners through a variety of formats.  The virtual Summit is one of those opportunities and fits perfectly in our 2021 planning”.

Blue Vault is expecting over 1,000 participants at this year’s event, Blue Vault’s 7th annual Alts Summit.  

Blue Vault has partnered with leading third-party due diligence provider, Bowman Law, on the event the past three years.  Says Chitty, “The event is really all about education.  The goal is to educate advisors about using alternative investments in their practice, making them more aware of the benefits and risks associated with alts, and helping them identify which investment management firms consistently perform.  It’s all about performance.  Not perfection, but solid performance.”        

Attendees may pick and choose which sessions to participate in.  The sessions will begin each day at 11:00 a.m. EST and run through 4:00 p.m. EST.  Attendees can expect to hear from senior management during each session.

Registration will open February 22.  The event is free of charge to advisors and Broker Dealers. 

When asked about which advisors should attend, Chitty added, “Any advisor who has in the past or who currently uses any alternative type offering, specifically nontraded REITs, private offerings and/or interval funds.  And any advisor who wants to learn more.”   


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Gordon Dunne
September 30, 2019

“Always, but especially in this day of lawsuits and ever increasing regulations, the responsibility for a financial advisor t do their own due diligence on products they sell falls squarely on themselves. No one is going to take greater interest in protecting their practice than they are. We use the Blue Vault Partners Nontraded REIT Review to keep us informed of the performance of every single nontraded REIT. Finally, complete transparency is available for advisors using nontraded REITs. Every advisor using REITs in their practice should make the small annual investment of subscribing to Blue Vault’s reporting services.”