Envision Financial Systems

February 5, 2020

Envision Financial Systems

February 5, 2020

Envision Financial Systems recently celebrated 25 years as a company and has grown its business by delivering innovative, tailored solutions for brokerage houses and mutual fund companies that provide shareholder accounting systems built on open technologies.

Envision Financial Systems (“Envision”) provides real-time shareholder accounting and servicing technologies for mutual funds, asset managers, transfer agents and 529 program providers. Their products allow firms to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, while enabling their emerging business needs. Using industry standard open technologies, along with a modular design, an intuitive interface and configurable rules, Envision’s clients can introduce new features, functions and product capabilities to the market faster, easier and more cost effectively.

Envision believes that technology should:

• Enable firms to optimize efficiency and provide superior customer service

• Integrate easily with other enterprise solutions to maximize data value

• Empower users to make informed decisions with real-time access to information

Envision provides flexible, high-quality, cost effective solutions that let firms meet their changing business needs by:

• Reducing operating costs through business process automation

• Enabling businesses to innovate and differentiate by providing configurable technology that the client controls rather than having it control the client

• Allowing the client to access and leverage data in real-time

Envision’s clients include:

• Large mutual funds with captive transfer agents

• Mutual fund transfer agent service providers

• Direct and Advisor sold college savings plans

• ABLE Act Program Managers and Administrators

• National pre-paid 529 college savings plan

• Global banking institutions

• REIT service providers

• Local Government Investment Pool recordkeepers

For more information about Envision Financial Systems see www.enfs.com.

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September 30, 2019

“Always, but especially in this day of lawsuits and ever increasing regulations, the responsibility for a financial advisor t do their own due diligence on products they sell falls squarely on themselves. No one is going to take greater interest in protecting their practice than they are. We use the Blue Vault Partners Nontraded REIT Review to keep us informed of the performance of every single nontraded REIT. Finally, complete transparency is available for advisors using nontraded REITs. Every advisor using REITs in their practice should make the small annual investment of subscribing to Blue Vault’s reporting services.”