Investing in Alternative Investments - by NorthStar Securities

September 3, 2015

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Alternative investments refer to nontraditional investments including commercial real estate, private debt, private equity, hedge funds, commodities, managed futures, infrastructure, and energy investments.

View this informative presentation brought to you from NorthStar Securities.

Investing_in_Alternative_Investments_Investor  (PowerPoint Presentation)

Alternative Investments  (PDF)


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Blue Vault helps me to stay well informed on the financial status of both open and closed nontraded REITs and BDCs, so that I can help my clients better understand the product, before they make the decision to invest and after.

Ramón A. Rivera-Ramos Registered Principal, Kovack Securities, Inc. Blue Vault Nontraded REIT and Nontraded BDC Reviews September 1, 2016