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How REITs Make Money

How REITs Make Money Equity REITs can make money in two ways: collecting rent from tenants and through capital appreciation in their property values. Different REITs have different strategies for making money. You can find information about a REIT’s strategies in its prospectus. Usually, there’s a return objective to meet for investors, as well as …

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Characteristics of Nontraded REITs

Whether you’re considering investing in a nontraded REIT (or other ‘alternative’ investment) or your financial advisor has recommended one to you, there are some key things to know about what makes these REITs a little different from others.

How do nontraded REITs make money?

It’s important to note that operationally, nontraded REITs have a lot in common with publicly traded REITs.

Why Invest in a REIT?

There are a number of reasons to invest in REITs. The following are some of the main characteristics that have attracted investors to REITs through the years. Tax Treatment A REIT is a company formed to use investors’ pooled funds to invest them in properties. In the process, they can qualify for certain tax advantages in the …

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Business Development Company (BDC) History

A business development company (BDC) is an SEC-registered investment company that invests in primarily private U.S.-based businesses. This form of company was created by Congress in 1980 as amendments to the Investment Company Act of 1940. BDCs are typically taxed as regulated investment companies (RICs). Similar to REITs, BDCs are required to distribute at least 90% …

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Types of REITs

REITs can vary by two main factors: 1. What they invest in, and 2. How they're organizationally structured Let’s look at these two factors and discuss the potential advantages of each. What they invest in REITs can invest either in properties/hard assets or they can invest in lending/debt. The first kind is known as an …

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What Is a REIT?

The term REIT is short for Real Estate Investment Trust—it’s pronounced “REET.” As an investor, you may have seen REITs offered as an option within your 401(k), or sometimes, financial advisors recommend REITs to their clients. A REIT is very similar to a mutual fund. While a mutual fund may invest in a variety of …

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