The $17 Trillion Asset Class Your Clients Don’t Want You to Ignore

Investors are looking for—and need—a different approach to their investments other than the 60/40 portfolio.

That’s where alternative investments come into the picture in a big way – expected to grow to a $17 trillion asset class by 2025 – a 10% increase over 2020.


Investing in alts can offer investors unique portfolio benefits not found through other types of investments:

Diversification—low correlation to stocks and bonds

A hedge against inflation

Increased portfolio returns & reduced volatility—even in a down market

Current income

“The Blue Vault database and reports help us separate the facts from the marketing when looking at alternative investments. It also helps us keep on top of legacy alts that no longer have wholesalers who provide updates. If you are using or interested in using alternative investments, Blue Vault is a must.”

– Frederick E. Hubler, Jr. MBA CWS® CEO & Chief Wealth Strategist, Creative Capital Wealth Management Group; Contributor to Forbes.com

Blue Vault Helps You Bring Alts to the Forefront of Your Practice

I’m New to Alts

Learn the basics, increase your knowledge and make key industry connections.

I Actively Offer Alts

Compare offerings, review financials, explore capital raising and dividend coverage through our reports and offerings database.

I Haven’t Offered Alts Lately

Understand how new investment structures and sponsors have redefined the alts space in terms of liquidity and transparency, and how industry service providers have simplified the alts transaction process.