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The Blue Vault database and reports help us separate the facts from the marketing when looking at alternative investments. It also helps us keep on top of legacy alts that no longer have wholesalers who provide updates. If you are using or interested in using alternative investments, Blue Vault is a must.

– Frederick E. Hubler, Jr. MBA, CWS®, CEO & Chief Wealth Strategist Creative Capital Wealth Management Group

“Always, but especially in this day of lawsuits and ever increasing regulations, the responsibility for a financial advisor t do their own due diligence on products they sell falls squarely on themselves. No one is going to take greater interest in protecting their practice than they are. We use the Blue Vault Partners Nontraded REIT Review to keep us informed of the performance of every single nontraded REIT. Finally, complete transparency is available for advisors using nontraded REITs. Every advisor using REITs in their practice should make the small annual investment of subscribing to Blue Vault’s reporting services.”

-Gordon Dunne, Managing Director, THE Financial Services NETWORK

"Blue Vault has been an exceptional resource for our firm when it comes to non-traded alternative assets. The BV 'vault' is a wealth of historical data and BV subscriptions and conferences have introduced us to new investment opportunities and sponsors. They also help to keep me current on industry and economic trends. I am grateful for the role Blue Vault has played in growing this aspect of our business."

Carron Schmick, Direct Investments Specialist, Ridgeline Private Wealth