Blue Vault’s Alts Day is an annual one-day virtual educational event focused on alternative investments. 

A portfolio of stocks and bonds was once the gold standard. But it’s no longer serving investors well. Join forward-thinking wealth advisors who are using alts to protect and improve client portfolios – and the asset managers and service providers making it easier for them to do so.

Alternative investments include investment vehicles like REITs, BDCs, Interval Funds, Tender Offer Funds, Private Credit, Private Offerings, 1031 Exchange Programs, Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, Nontraded Preferred Stock, hedge funds, hard assets and derivatives.

Alts typically have low correlation to mainstream asset classes like stocks and bonds – making them attractive for portfolio diversification. They also have the potential to provide current income and a hedge against inflation.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from utilizing alts with your clients. Join industry experts to learn about the value and growth of the alternative investments industry.

Details to be announced