December 14, 2023
Addepar Surpasses $5 Trillion in Assets on its Platform, Boosted By Exceptional Client Growth
Addepar has an ambitious growth trajectory and the company is on a path to be the technology and data platform that connects the $255+ trillion global investment ecosystem.


Addepar, a global technology and data company for investment professionals, announced today that it has exceeded $5 trillion of client assets managed on its platform. This milestone signifies the company’s position as the industry standard for data management and aggregation, analysis and reporting. Amidst fast-moving markets and a dynamic risk landscape, Addepar proudly serves more than 1,000 client firms – family offices, wealth managers, large banks and global institutions – and hundreds of thousands of users on its platform.

“Addepar’s founding thesis has been validated: investment professionals and financial advisors require robust technology, comprehensive and precise data, specialized tools, and a contextual perspective to deliver high-quality, sustainable value to their clients. By creating a unified platform that significantly enhances client service, we have positioned ourselves uniquely to unlock value across the global financial world,” said Eric Poirier, Chief Executive Officer at Addepar. “Today, we are privileged to be in the position of having the market-leading platform – at a time when wealth, investment and asset management firms globally are recognizing that this solution is now a requirement. Addepar’s enduring advantage is and has always been our inspired, motivated and incredibly talented team. We share a passion for building deep partnerships with our clients and delivering extraordinary results together. Our growth continues accelerating, and we have more than doubled our client count and assets on Addepar’s platform over the last few years.”

The technology foundation and data network now powers many of the most prestigious wealth, investment and asset management firms across more than 40 countries. Its purpose-built products, services and solutions help clients manage today’s markets and model the future in a data-driven, timely and secure way. Addepar ships meaningful updates to its platform and products every two weeks, showcasing the power of its R&D team and setting a higher standard for an industry that has previously lacked sufficiently robust technology and complete data.

“We started Curated Wealth Partners over five years ago to deliver a better, more integrated experience to a growing community of wealthy families,” said Lee Hutter, Co-Founder and CEO of Curated Wealth Partners. “Since our founding, Addepar has helped us deliver that superior experience. True to our name, we partner with our clients and serve as a trusted, long-term guide through the many challenges and opportunities that come with wealth. As we have grown, Addepar has allowed us to simplify complexity, save time and establish greater transparency and client trust. Ultimately, our commitment to partnering with Addepar helps future proof our firm and has allowed us to grow our business, while maintaining a personalized approach to client service.”

“F.L.Putnam is dedicated to helping our clients make the best decisions in pursuit of their long-term goals in every kind of market. Advising on financial matters in today’s fast-moving markets is complex and requires significant expertise across many disciplines. Adopting best in class technology is a key success differentiator and our partnership with Addepar has allowed us to further accelerate growth,” said Chris Parker, Chief Administrative Officer at F.L.Putnam. “Not only do we have the right tools and insights to help our clients build, preserve, and manage their wealth, but deepening partnerships that enhance firm productivity and efficiency has allowed F.L.Putnam to attract and retain top talent. Our advisors can save time on manual processes and focus on deepening their client relationships.”

The Addepar platform gives investment professionals a total portfolio solution for managing and aggregating data, performing analysis and reporting, and communicating with clients in a modern and scalable way. Addepar’s APIs and vibrant partner ecosystem ensure that each client can tailor every aspect of the solution to fit their needs. For the $5 trillion of assets tracked on the platform, approximately 60% are in marketable securities that are held at custody banks. For these investments, Addepar ingests positions and transactions every day from more than 7 million accounts across more than 350 global custody banks and other financial institutions. The remaining 40% of assets include 250,000+ unique positions in alternative investments, and a variety of other private assets, real assets, collectibles and anything else that clients consider to be part of their investment portfolio. This data flows through Addepar’s data pipeline, running through a range of quality control, validation and verification procedures, mapping to an ownership structure, and is ultimately stored in Addepar’s normalized data lakehouse.

All of Addepar’s calculation engines and products can leverage this robust and integrated data set using APIs, which are also used by clients and partners to power their third-party applications. Addepar’s platform is unmatched in the markets it serves. It offers unsurpassed visibility into a traditionally opaque investment ecosystem, delivering a tailored, cohesive and timely view of even the largest, most complex portfolios.

In service of fulfilling a global client mission and a follow-the-sun approach, Addepar has expanded its team globally with 100+ employees across the UK in Edinburgh and London, and its new Pune office, opened in 2022, now has 80+ employees to date. The company will continue investing deeply in world-class talent to solve industry-wide problems on a global scale – all using its proven operating platform and ecosystem. Addepar has an ambitious growth trajectory and the company is on a path to be the technology and data platform that connects the $255+ trillion global investment ecosystem.

About Addepar

Addepar is a global technology and data company that helps investment professionals provide the most informed, precise guidance for their clients. Hundreds of thousands of users have entrusted Addepar to empower smarter investment decisions and better advice over the last decade. With client presence in more than 40 countries, Addepar’s platform aggregates portfolio, market and client data for over $5 trillion in assets. Addepar’s open platform integrates with more than 100 software, data and services partners to deliver a complete solution for a wide range of firms and use cases. Addepar embraces a global flexible workforce model with offices in Silicon Valley, New York CitySalt Lake CityChicagoLondonDublinEdinburgh, Scotland and PuneIndia.

SOURCE Addepar


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