Sales data is not always received for all nontraded REITs, nontraded BDCs, Interval Funds, nontraded Closed-End Funds or Private Placements, including 1031 sales, each month. Blue Vault is adding more offerings each month in an attempt to gather 100% of all sales in these product offering categories. Monthly sales are provided to Blue Vault by each sponsor and are therefore not guaranteed to be accurate.

However, Blue Vault estimates the listed sales numbers to be at least 98% of all industry sales.

Our firm has been using Blue Vault from the first year it was available.

We have found it to be a valuable tool to verify what wholesalers tell us and to dig deep into how the reported investments are really performing.

We appreciate that Blue Vault has expanded its services from initially covering REIT's to now also including BDC's.

Our clients also appreciate that we conduct this additional due diligence on their behalf.

Loreen M. Gilbert President, WealthWise Financial Services Blue Vault July 6, 2016