Remote Work Is Over In These Markets — And Here’s What They Have In Common

Research Brief: Housing

August 4, 2022

Sequence of rate hikes decay housing affordability. In late July, the Federal Reserve again lifted the overnight rate by 75 basis points…

Gross Domestic Product

July 29, 2022

GDP contracts, but other economic indicators in the green. Real gross domestic product declined at an annualized rate…

Construction Starts Dip in June

July 25, 2022

While project spending is up year-over-year, Dodge describes construction markets as “jittery.”
Total U.S. construction…

Research Brief: Retail Sales

July 25, 2022

Sales indicative of transitionary period. Consumers continue to spend more than they did before the health crisis, with core retail sales…

Research Brief: Office Market

July 25, 2022

Bifurcated fundamentals surface within the office market. Despite the strong performance of freshly renovated offices…

Industrial National Report

July 14, 2022

International Forces Position U.S. Industrial Properties Favorably; Nearshoring and Reshoring Potential Raises New…