Inside the V(ALT), with Urban Catalyst

June 7, 2022

Inside the V(ALT), with Urban Catalyst

Erik Hayden (Founder & CEO) discusses Urban Catalyst’s differentiators, inflation’s impact on real estate, and the “California Exodus” in this episode of  Inside the V(ALT).

This podcast is not intended for the general public; it is intended for viewers who are financial professionals that are either registered with FINRA broker dealers or are registered investment advisers. 

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J. Kevin Best CFP®, MS, AEP®
August 23, 2023

"We utilize real estate and private credit programs.  It is very difficult to get the amount of information needed to do the due diligence needed to help my clients make smart decisions with their money.   Blue Vault provides me with one place that I can utilize to understand all the workings in the real estate and private credit world.   I can look up open and closed programs and understand how the company has really performed, the stuff that is hidden deep in their public facing reports.  Blue Vault is easy to navigate and whenever I have talked to an individual at Blue Vault they are warm and engaging.   When anyone asks, from compliance, to vendors to clients to other professionals, how we get the information we have, Blue Vault is the first name that comes out."