Blue Vault Explains Liquidity Options For Non-Traded REIT Holders

July 26, 2015

The DI Wire

Non-traded REITs are illiquid investments designed for the long-term investor seeking yield and potential appreciation of underlying assets. Sometimes, life events force the need for liquidation years prior to liquidity options becoming available.

Blue Vault Partners, LLC, a provider of data and analytics for non-traded REITs and BDCs, constructed a two minute video titled “Secondary Markets” that explains there are various liquidity options for non-traded REIT shareholders seeking an early exit.

“Sometimes shareholders need to liquidate earlier,” explains Caitlin Clarke, a marketing assistant with Blue Vault. She added, “Special circumstances may arise for a shareholder such as death, disability or financial hardships.”

Clarke says that options exist in addition to the sometimes offered share redemption programs such as tendering shares when an offer exists or looking to a secondary market auction or matching company.

To watch Blue Vault’s educational video, click here.

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