Interval Funds Garnering Advisors’ Attention

December 14, 2016

Interval Funds Garnering Advisors’ Attention

DECEMBER 8, 2016 |

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For investors who can forgo daily liquidity in exchange for higher returns, interval funds may be one answer.

The popularity of interval funds is growing, but many financial advisors and investors are hesitant to jump in, according to two people who deal with this investment sector.

Interval funds are continuously offered, closed-end mutual funds that periodically offer a repurchase of shares, usually quarterly. Investors therefore have some liquidity, limited to 5 percent of the shares per quarter, but this is an investment that is not suitable for those who may need access to their money immediately.

The limited liquidity can be advantageous because it prevents investors from selling on a whim when there is market volatility, says Mark S. Rothstein, owner of TriStar Income Tax and Financial Services in El Segundo, Calif., who uses interval funds in almost all of his clients’ portfolios.

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