Multifamily Vacancies Rise Downtown

June 23, 2016



Multifamily Vacancies Rise Downtown

Jun 21, 2016 |  | National Real Estate Investor

Tens of thousands of new apartments are now opening in central business districts (CBDs)around the country. Some will have a hard time finding residents.

“There’s a lot of angst about downtown apartments right now,” says Jay Parsons, vice president for apartment market intelligence firm MPF Research. “The real challenges will come in the next 12-18 months as supply further accelerates in downtown sub-markets across the country.”

The surprising thing about downtown sub-markets is that they continue to be as strong as they are, with developers creating new neighborhoods in CBDs. Many continue to benefit from all the new renters, including Millennials and Baby Boomers, who seem eager to live in the city. Developers continue to pull new permits to build, though it’s not clear how many will start construction.

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