September Nontraded REIT and BDC Investment Sales Numbers Are In

October 12, 2016

September Nontraded REIT and BDC Investment Sales

October 12, 2016 (updated 4:05pm)| by Beth Glavosek | Blue Vault


The numbers are in, and we have the latest data on nontraded REIT and BDC investments for the month of September.

Here are some quick highlights of September’s sales results:

  • Total Nontraded REIT market: $285,532,196*
    • Nontraded REIT A shares: $120,144,280
    • Nontraded REIT T shares: $140,344,962
  • Nontraded Business Development Companies (BDCs): $100,743,344

*The total for the nontraded REIT market includes sales of A, A DRIP, I, R, W, and T shares.

Sales for Nontraded Closed-End Funds and Private Placements are still being tallied.  We will send send an update on September sales when we have received all of the data.

For complete historical sales data, please visit our Monthly Sales section in The Vault.


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