The Death And Life Of The Suburban Class A Mall

July 20, 2016



The Death And Life Of The Suburban Class A Mall

SAN FRANCISCO—Luxury malls have been steady, but will that last as Millennials take more consumer share? Ms. Real Estate has the answer.

SAN FRANCISCO—Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone had clear, intelligent answers to most of your CRE-related questions? Problem solved. Nina J. Gruen, a.k.a. Ms. Real Estate, a.k.a. the principal sociologist overseeing market research and analysis at Gruen Gruen + Associates, is here to answer readers’ questions.

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Dear Ms. Real Estate,

I am well aware that shopping malls in the burbs—particularly those malls that are located at a distance from activity centers—are going out of business at a rapid rate. On the other hand, specialty malls providing luxury goods to tourists and high income residents continue to do well. My question is, will luxury malls continue to do well, given the fact that the younger generation makes most of their purchases on the internet?

—Swimming in the Alphabet Soup.

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Thomas E. Burns, III
July 29, 2015
February 22, 2016

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