Pershing’s Alternative Investment Solutions

May 28, 2020

Pershing’s Alternative Investment Solutions

Broad Selection. Greater Transparency.

Pershing provides a platform accommodating thousands of alternative investments—delivering an enhanced client experience and transparency to provide you with a clear, competitive advantage.

Access a full spectrum of alternative investments on our platform:

• Non-traded REITs
• Hedge funds
• Managed futures
• Funds of hedge funds
• Business development companies
• Private equity

Select from more than 2,500 choices, including fee and no-fee options, to efficiently manage alternative investments in retirement and non-retirement accounts.

Provide liquid alternatives through our Fund Solutions including load and no-load mutual funds as well as ETFs.

Greater Transparency

Pershing’s integrated platform provides a holistic view of alternative investments that allows:

• Alternative allocations within the context of a client’s overall portfolio, as well as across client accounts
• Monitoring enterprise-wide exposure, making it easier to plan for liquidity events and identify new investment ideas
• Consolidated statements and reports displaying a client’s complete financial picture

Powerful Research Tools

Pershing’s Alternative Investment Center—available through NetX360®—makes it easier for you to:

• Screen and filter alternative investments
• Compare and evaluate non-traded REITs
• View research, fund-related news and printable reports
• Access commentary and educational resources from Morningstar® and Blue Vault Partners™

Industry Leader

Pershing has over 20 years of experience in alternative investments and is backed by the expertise of BNY Mellon.


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