Remote Work and Alternative Investments…

April 8, 2020

Remote Work and Alternative Investments: How Altigo Enables Financial Professionals to Service Their HNW Clients

March 24, 2020 | Ryan Gunn | WealthForge

In reaction to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, much of America is changing the way they work. Many financial services professionals are turning to remote work. Portfolio management, financial planning, and CRM software may already be part of your practice, and if you weren’t already, you are probably becoming well acquainted with video conferencing.

However, financial professionals that work with high net worth investors that invest in alternative investments may find the transition to work-from-home more difficult than they expected. Many alternative investments still largely rely on paper documents that must be mailed or faxed between investors and advisors. Unless you have been giving out your home address or have a fax machine in your house, subscribing clients to alternative investments is going to be a hassle without making a trip to the office or having an ill-advised in-person meeting.

Luckily, recent changes to regulation and technology now allow some alternative investments to be accessed and subscribed to digitally. Altigo, WealthForge’s straight through processing platform, is designed to streamline the alternative investment process, replacing paper subscription documents with an online information collection workflow, and eliminating mailing through the use of electronic signature. These changes create an opportunity for brokers and advisors to provide their high net worth clients with alternative investments without leaving the comfort and safety of their home.

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