The 4th  Annual Blue Vault Broker Dealer Educational Summit will be held March 12 - 14, 2018, at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, FL. Registration is by invitation only.

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Agenda is subject to change. Download printable PDF here.

Note: Summit event app will include agenda, attendees, special sessions, all conference documents, and real-time polling


WhatMin.Begin EndWho
Registration 12:00 PM-5:00 PM 
Blue Vault Welcome203:00 PM-3:20 PMAll
Group Discussion303:20 PM-3:50 PMAll
Transition53:50 PM-3:55 PM 
Sponsor Presentation253:55 PM-4:20 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion104:20 PM-4:30 PM 
Resource Real Estate254:30 PM-4:55 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion104:55 PM-5:05 PM 
End-of-day Break405:05 PM-5:45 PM 
Networking Reception155:45 PM-6:00 PMSponsors
Networking Reception306:00 PM-6:30 PMAll
Sponsor Dine-Arounds6:30 PM   



WhatMin.Begin EndWho
Registration 7:00 AM-5:00 PM 
Networking Breakfast457:00 AM-7:45 AMAll
Transition57:45 AM-7:50 AM 
Blue Vault107:50 AM-8:00 AMBroker Dealers
Sponsor Presentation258:00 AM-8:25 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion108:25 AM-8:35 AM 
SmartStop Asset Management408:35 AM-9:15 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion109:15 AM-9:25 AM 
Morning Break159:25 AM-9:40 AMAll
Panel Discussion509:40 AM-10:30 AMAll
Morning Break3010:30 AM-11:00 AMAll
Sponsor Presentation2511:00 AM-11:25 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion1011:25 AM-11:35 AM 
Group Discussion1011:35 AM-11:45 AMBroker Dealers
Sponsor Presentation2511:45 AM-12:10 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion1012:10 PM-12:20 PM 
Networking Lunch6012:20 PM-1:20 PMAll
Transition51:20 PM-1:25 PM 
Blue Vault101:25 PM-1:35 PMBroker Dealers
Sponsor Presentation251:35 PM-2:00 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion102:00 PM-2:10 PM 
Sponsor Presentation402:10 PM-2:35 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion102:35 PM-2:45 PM 
Group Discussion102:45 PM-2:55 PMBroker Dealers
Sponsor Presentation252:55 PM-3:20 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion103:20 PM-3:30 PM 
Afternoon Break 903:30 PM-5:00 PMAll
Blue Vault / Sponsor Discussion304:00 PM-4:30 PMSponsors
Sponsor Presentation255:00 PM-5:25 PMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion105:25 PM-5:35 PM 
End-of-day Break405:35 PM-6:30 PM 
Sponsor Dine-Arounds6:30 PM   



WhatMin.Begin EndWho
Registration 7:00 AM-12:00 PM 
Networking Breakfast457:00 AM-7:45 AMAll
Transition57:45 AM-7:50 AM 
Sponsor Presentation257:50 AM-8:15 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion108:15 AM-8:25 AM 
Sponsor Presentation258:25 AM-8:50 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion108:50 AM-9:00 AM 
Blue Vault / Broker Dealer Discussion459:00 AM-9:45 AMBroker Dealers
Morning Break/Check Out309:45 AM-10:15 AMAll
Group Discussion1010:15 AM-10:25 AMBroker Dealers
Sponsor Presentation2510:25 AM-10:50 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion1010:50 AM-11:00 AM 
Sponsor Presentation3011:00 AM-11:30 AMBroker Dealers
Broker Dealer Discussion1011:30 AM-11:40 AM 
Broker Dealer Meeting7511:40 AM-12:55 PMBroker Dealers
Summit Adjourns 12:55 PM   


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I subscribe to Blue Vault to keep up with the sponsors and their wholesalers! The analysis keeps me up to date with the various portfolios and the way they are managed, including the differences between them.

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