The Blue Vault database, when complete, will include data for nontraded REIT’s and BDC’s, Interval Funds, Closed-End Funds, Private Offerings and “other” direct participation programs; as well as historical data going back to 2009.  Currently the database includes nontraded REIT’s and BDC’s, Full-Cycle REIT’s, Interval Funds and Private Offering data going back to 2014, additional phases are being released at regular intervals. The database makes all of this available for subscribers to sort, filter, and compare.

Each investment product – both open and closed – has an individual performance page with easy-to-navigate historical data.

Each Investment Manager also has an individual page offering more information about them and linking to their products, past webinars, news and more.

The database makes all of the Blue Vault data searchable and allows users to filter, compare, and analyze data as needed. The Advanced search feature allows users to search by offering status, Blue Vault Performance Profile, Distribution Yield, MFFO Payout and so much more.

Data points include:

  • Anticipated Offering Close Date
  • Asset Class
  • Asset Type
  • BV Performance Profiles
  • Capital Raise
  • Cash Ratio
  • Debt Ratio
  • Distribution Rate
  • Distribution Yield
  • Fixed Debt Ratio
  • Interest Coverage Ratio
  • MFFO Payout Ratio
  • NAV Change
  • Occupancy
  • Offering Status
  • Product Name
  • Return on Assets
  • Total Assets
  • Variable Debt Ratio

The database is updated quarterly, or as the data becomes available.

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Blue Vault Partners does not offer investment advice and does not make buy or sell recommendations for any of the nontraded REITs monitored.