Nontraded REIT and BDC investments offer a unique opportunity for real estate investment firms that are in search of new ways to raise capital.  Our professionals have experience in the areas of financing, commercial real estate, marketing, product development and regulatory requirements that can help educate you as you consider developing a public or private offering.

Our ability to provide you with a historical perspective as well insights on future trends and industry opportunities will give you an advantage over your competitors. As experts in the nontraded REIT industry, we have built an extensive database of information that can be tailored to your research needs. Fees for these special projects vary and are separate from the subscription services that we offer.

For more information on the consulting services we offer, please call us at 877-256-2304.

Loreen M. Gilbert, CIMA, AIF, CRC, CLTC – President, WealthWise Financial Services
Blue Vault
July 6, 2016

Our firm has been using Blue Vault from the first year it was available.

We have found it to be a valuable tool to verify what wholesalers tell us and to dig deep into how the reported investments are really performing.

We appreciate that Blue Vault has expanded its services from initially covering REIT's to now also including BDC's.

Our clients also appreciate that we conduct this additional due diligence on their behalf.