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Nontraded REIT NAV Study— NEW!

This study of the pricing and net asset values of nontraded REIT programs is the first compilation of such data for all effective programs by Blue Vault and reports every offering price for most common share classes, each subsequent offering price change, each announcement of net asset values (NAVs) by share class and the “as of” date for those announcements.

In addition, we illustrate the timing of the NAV announcements measured in days after the REIT offerings break escrow. By illustrating the timing of the NAV revisions on a common time scale, our subscribers can compare the trends in NAVs over the life cycles of the different programs. There are many factors, including market-wide trends in valuations within the commercial real estate sector and program-specific issues, that affect portfolio values and the estimates of net asset values per share.

This study also compares the net asset values per share to the pricing of distribution reinvestment program (DRIP) shares which can be purchased by existing shareholders with the quarterly distributions they would otherwise receive in cash. These programs typically offer shares at 95% of the offering price during the offering period, but once net asset values are estimated or offering prices are revised, the boards of directors set new DRIP prices, usually reflecting the increase or decrease of the NAVs relative to the original offering prices, or as a percentage of the revised offering prices.

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Thomas E. Burns, III
July 29, 2015
February 22, 2016

I subscribe to Blue Vault to keep up with the sponsors and their wholesalers! The analysis keeps me up to date with the various portfolios and the way they are managed, including the differences between them.