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Up-to-date Company Performance:
What matters most to us is how nontraded REITs, BDCs, and Closed-End Funds, Interval Funds and Private Offerings are actually performing, not how they intend to perform. Our reporting highlights the fact-based performance metrics, which tell that story.

The Nontraded REIT industry, more than ever, needs an unbiased and clear information source, and Blue Vault’s reporting services provide it. Simply put, a healthy industry cannot exist without complete transparency.

Independent Research Source:
Blue Vault is not affiliated with any nontraded REIT, BDC, and Closed-End Fund, Interval Fund, or Private Offering sponsor and is 100% independent.

Timely Information:
Our research reports are released individually online as they are completed and in chronological order as to when they are filed with the SEC by their sponsor. No one delivers more data on more alternative investments in less time.

Every REIT and BDC:
We research every nontraded REIT and BDC and consolidate concise and straightforward data for you to analyze. Much more than a “data dump” of information, Blue Vault calculates the metrics itself, without excluding any metric on any REIT or BDC.

Nontraded REIT Performance Profiles:
Blue Vault’s Performance Profiles combine data points in three distinct financial areas; Operating Performance, Financial Outlook, and Cumulative MFFO Payout. These help a financial advisor understand the larger performance picture and explain what the metrics mean.

Historical Performance Trends:
Blue Vault doesn’t just provide current research reporting. Historical performance, currently dating back to 2009, is located in the Blue “Vault” and is accessed only by our loyal subscribers. As a financial advisor with a “key” to the Vault, you’ll be able to research trends by product and sponsor to help you make better informed decisions TODAY.

Industry Monitoring and Statistics:
Not only does Blue Vault provide research on individual REITs and BDCs, we research the industry at large and provide an entire host of industry data helpful for you to monitor everything happening in the world of alternative investments.

Nontraded REIT Full-Cycle Performance Study:
Only Blue Vault finishes the drill. Monitoring performance during the operation period is very important. But what about when all is said and done, and the REIT liquidates? What was the total return? Isn’t that what every investor and financial advisor wants to know? Collaborating with the University of Georgia, Blue Vault produces the only Full-Cycle Performance Study in the industry. The study dives deep to analyze every nontraded REIT’s total return, and how it happened.

Side by Side Comparisons:
Blue Vault developed the only LifeStages concept for nontraded REITs. Not only will you be able to compare and contrast each REIT, but you will also be able to do so within each REIT’s LifeStage. This featured tool is available only for Blue Vault subscribers.

Ease of Use:
We make things easy for you. Our reports are easy to view, read, and use. Whether you want to spend hours poring over all our research reporting or find something quick before a meeting, we have made both easy for you. Visit BlueVaultPartners.com for more valueable nontraded REIT studies on Fees and NAVs.

In summary, Blue Vault provides its subscribers with the factual performance metrics, from beginning to end, needed to make better informed decisions concerning nontraded REITs, BDCs, and Closed-End Funds, Interval Funds and Private Offerings. Knowledge is power, in this case, the power to be completely informed before deciding on which alternative investments to use and the power to protect your practice from misleading sales and marketing tactics. Don’t be partially informed ever again. Utilize our expertise and solid research data services to know the facts. 

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