Altigo’s Success Continues with 4 New Broker-Dealer Partnerships

July 13, 2020

Altigo’s Success Continues with 4 New Broker-Dealer Partnerships

July 13, 2020 | WealthForge

Altigo, an electronic trade processing platform from WealthForge, has expanded its user-base with 4 new broker-dealer partnerships. Great Point Capital, Benchmark Investments, Colorado Financial Service Corporation, and Coastal Equities have now licensed Altigo, which allows broker-dealer firms to digitally manage their alternative investment business.

“Reps and advisors are driving the shift toward digital processing of alternative investments. They are the ones that feel the pain of the manual process the most. We’ve built Altigo with the individual wealth manager in mind as much as the larger firm,” says Bill Robbins, CEO of WealthForge. “It is our goal to make their jobs as easy as possible so that they may submit more investments and continue to drive growth in the industry.” 

WealthForge has designed Altigo to not only make the alternative investment process easier, but also more flexible. Because it is a secure cloud-based system, Altigo can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection without sacrificing the encryption of PII, as is the case with scanning and emailing documents. This opens up opportunities for financial services professionals to continue servicing their high-net worth clients from outside of the office, rather than needing to be present for an incoming fax or overnight mail. 

“Electronic processing for alternative investments is more important now than ever. As the digital transformation of our industry accelerates, Altigo will set the standard for what solutions can accomplish,” says Charles Reiling III, President and CEO at Coastal Equities.

While Altigo began with alternative product sponsors in mind, the platform has matured to include a robust feature set designed specifically for wealth management firms. Most notably, broker-dealers can now provide reps with access to all firm-approved offerings in one place, which facilitates increased rep productivity and compliance control.

“Any rep that has conducted an alternative investment knows how much of a hassle it can be, with piles of paperwork and weeks of waiting,” says Douglas Blake, Managing Director of Alternative Investments at Benchmark Investments. “Altigo has made the process faster, easier, and more secure, even when working from home.”

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Loreen M. Gilbert, CIMA, AIF, CRC, CLTC – President, WealthWise Financial Services
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