June 21, 2024
John Hancock Investment Management Launches a Multi Asset Credit Interval Fund with Manulife | CQS Investment Management
With CQS’ differentiated expertise in global alternative credit, John Hancock Multi Asset Credit Fund is a strong addition to our growing lineup of liquid and semi-liquid alternative offerings and our larger credit franchise.

John Hancock Investment Management

John Hancock Investment Management, a company of Manulife Investment Management, announced today that it has launched John Hancock Multi Asset Credit Fund (the fund) with its affiliated investment manager Manulife | CQS Investment Management (Manulife | CQS), a London-based multi-sector alternative credit specialist. 

The fund’s investment objective is to seek to generate a return comprising both current income and capital appreciation, emphasizing current income with low volatility and low correlation to the broader markets. The fund will invest into multi-asset credit strategies and fixed-income asset classes, including sub-investment-grade assets with potentially less risk and volatility of high-yield assets, such as loans and high-yield bonds, asset-backed securities, regulatory capital, and convertible bonds. Risk management, through diversification and minimizing the risk of default, is an integral part of the investment process. 

 “We’re thrilled to showcase the investment expertise at Manulife | CQS Investment Management across the credit space,” said Kristie Feinberg, head of U.S. and Europe, Manulife Investment Management, and president and chief executive officer, John Hancock Investment Management. “By leveraging our expanded capabilities with the addition of the CQS team, we bring a semi-liquid alternative fund to advisors in an asset class that has seen recent growth in demand and may help their clients achieve their financial goals.” 

“We’re excited to bring our multi-asset credit capabilities to the John Hancock platform as a 

solution for investors seeking consistent and high-yielding income,” said Soraya Chabarek, CEO, Manulife | CQS Investment Management. “In today’s market, to deliver income while seeking to mitigate risk, credit selection matters more than ever. Our team of skilled credit investors, who have managed global multi-asset credit strategies together over the last 11 years, have an established history of lending to the right businesses, and positioning in the right asset classes, geographies, and sectors at the right time.” 

Craig Scordellis, co-chief investment officer and senior partner at Manulife | CQS, and James Fitzpatrick, chief investment officer, North America and head of global loans at Manulife | CQS, are primarily responsible for the management of the fund’s portfolio. 

“With CQS’ differentiated expertise in global alternative credit, John Hancock Multi Asset Credit Fund is a strong addition to our growing lineup of liquid and semi-liquid alternative offerings and our larger credit franchise. We believe the fund can be used as an alternative all-weather strategy with the potential to deliver high current income and a focus on downside risk mitigation,” added York Lo, head of global alternative product management, Manulife Investment Management. 

John Hancock Investment Management continues to expand its alternative investment capabilities. Having launched its first alternative allocation fund in 2009, the firm believes interest in alternative and private markets solutions will continue to grow and has brought a range of additional strategies to meet the demand of advisors, their clients, and qualified investors through multiple distribution platforms. 


This material is not intended to be, nor shall it be interpreted or construed as a recommendation or for providing advice, impartial or otherwise. John Hancock Investments and its representatives and affiliates may receive compensation derived from the sale of and/or from any investment made in its products and services. 

The fund’s use of leverage may not be successful and may create additional risks, including the risk of magnified return volatility and the potential for unlimited loss. ABS include interests in pools of debt securities, commercial or consumer loans, or other receivables. The value of these securities depends on many factors, including changes in interest rates, the availability of information concerning the pool and its structure, the credit quality of the underlying assets, the market’s perception of the servicer of the pool, and any credit enhancement provided. In addition, ABS have prepayment risk. Investors could lose all or substantially all of their investment. Convertible securities are subject to certain risks of both equity and debt securities. Fund distributions generally depend on income from underlying investments and may vary or cease altogether in the future. Investing in distressed debt securities is speculative and involves substantial risks in addition to those of non-distressed high-yield securities. Distressed debt securities generally do not generate interest payments. Principal on distressed debt might not be repaid, and a fund could lose up to its entire investment. Changes in the state and U.S. federal laws may negatively affect the fund’s returns. Exposure to credit risk due to the types of investments and loans made by the fund. Fixed-income investments are subject to interest-rate and credit risk; their value will normally decline as interest rates rise or if an issuer is unable or unwilling to make principal or interest payments. Foreign investing, especially in emerging markets, has additional risks, such as currency and market volatility and political and social instability. 

Clients should read and carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. To request a prospectus or summary prospectus with this and other important information, please call us at 800-225-6020, or visit us at jhinvestments.com. 

John Hancock Investment Management Distributors LLC ▪ Member FINRA, SIPC ▪ 200 Berkeley Street ▪ Boston, MA 02116 ▪ 800-225-6020 ▪ jhinvestments.com 


About Manulife Investment Management 

Manulife Investment Management is the brand for the global wealth and asset management segment of Manulife Financial Corporation. Our mission is to make decisions easier and lives better by empowering investors for a better tomorrow. Serving more than 17 million individuals, institutions, and retirement plan members, we believe our global reach, complementary businesses, and the strength of our parent company position us to help investors capitalize on today’s emerging global trends. We provide our clients access to public and private investment solutions across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternative, and sustainability-linked strategies, such as natural capital, to help them make more informed financial decisions and achieve their investment objectives. Not all offerings are available in all jurisdictions. For additional information, please visit manulifeim.com. 

About Manulife | CQS Investment Management 

Manulife | CQS Investment Management, a company of Manulife Investment Management, is a multi-sector alternative credit manager. The firm has a 20+ year history of managing research-driven credit strategies over multiple market cycles, with core capabilities that span corporate credit (loans and bonds), asset-backed securities, regulatory capital, collateralized loan obligations and convertible bonds. Our ambition is to continue to help investors achieve their goals across market cycles by selecting good quality credits and generating income. We are committed to building enduring partnerships with investors, generating long-term risk-adjusted returns and delivering high levels of service, tailoring mandates across a range of return objectives and risk appetites. For additional information, please visit cqs.com. 

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