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June 20 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

What’s all the Fuss About Alts?

C. Jay Steigerwald III
| Panelist
Larry Barocas
| Panelist
Michael Crimmins
| Panelist
Trevor Nesbit
| Moderator

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Podcasts & Highlight Videos

Inside the V(ALT), with Brandon Hunt October 8, 2020

Inside the V(ALT), with Brandon Hunt

In this Inside the V(ALT), Brandon Hunt (Portfolio Manager, StratCap) and Stacy Chitty (Managing Partner, Blue Vault) define digital infrastructure, discuss the drivers of digital infrastructure, and look at COVID’s impact on it.
Brandon Hunt
Inside the V(ALT), with Jeffrey Schwaber September 15, 2020

Inside the V(ALT), with Jeffrey Schwaber

In this episode of Inside the V(ALT), Stacy Chitty (Managing Partner, Blue Vault) and Jeff Schwaber (Chief Executive Officer, Bluerock Capital Markets) discuss the divergence of publicly traded and nontraded real estate offering values, what has driven inflow to nontraded preferred stocks, what’s ahead for real estate, and more.
Jeffrey Schwaber
Inside the V(ALT), with Chris Shaw August 25, 2020

Inside the V(ALT), with Chris Shaw

Watch as Chris Shaw steps Inside the V(ALT) to talk about digital fund structures, retail alternative product evolution, and how distribution channels were affected by COVID-19.
Chris Shaw

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