$2 Billion Dividend Capital REIT Declared Effective

February 25, 2016

Feb 24 2016 | DI Wire

Dividend Capital, a sponsor of non-traded real estate investment trusts, recently launched Logistics Property Trust Inc., a $2 billion non-traded REIT that focuses on high-quality distribution warehouses and other industrial properties. The company expects to meet its minimum offering by the end of the year.

Logistics Property Trust is offering up to $1.5 billion in shares of common stock in its primary offering, and up to $500 million in DRIP shares. Two classes of shares of common stock will be available, class A shares and class T shares.

Class A shares, which will be sold for $10.00 each, have a selling commission of 7 percent, a dealer manager fee of 2.5 percent, and no distribution fee.

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