As real estate prices soar, so does fundraising at Inland unit

March 25, 2016

March 18, 2016 | By Alby Gallun | Chicago Real Estate Daily

Inland Group is known for its public real estate companies, but its private side is making some noise these days.

The sprawling Oak Brook real estate conglomerate is on track to raise $600 million this year through Inland Private Capital, a business that raises money through private placements, mostly from real estate investors looking to defer taxes on property sales. That’s up from $478 million last year and $440 million in 2014.

Money is flowing in as surging real estate prices allow property owners to cash out for big profits, resulting in big tax bills. But the sellers can defer capital gains taxes by re-investing sale proceeds in another property through a transaction known as a 1031 exchange. Many turn to Inland Private Capital to find their next investment.

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