NTR Sales Up 15% in June While BDC Sales Increase 17%, IF/CEF and PP’s Down

July 11, 2017

NTR Sales Up 15% in June While BDC Sales Increase 17%, IF/CEF and PP’s Down 

July 11, 2017 | by James Sprow | Blue Vault


Sales by nontraded REITs rose 15% in June. The May sales of $304.2 million reported to Blue Vault by nontraded REIT sponsors rose to $350.9 million in June. BDC sales reported in June were $74.3 million, up from $63.4 million in May, and above the $70.4 million monthly average for BDCs thus far in 2017. Blackstone REIT’s reported sales in June were $129.4 million, virtually the same as the $130.6 million in May. The Blackstone sales constituted 37% of reported nontraded REIT sales in June, down from 43% of the nontraded REIT industry sales in May.

Among leading sponsors in the nontraded REIT sector in June following Blackstone’s $129.4 million were:

Leading sponsors in the BDC sector with June sales were FS Investments ($43.1 million) and Owl Rock Capital Advisors ($7.6 million).

Blue Vault also reports sales for nonlisted Interval Funds and nonlisted Closed End Funds. June sales for these funds that were reported to Blue Vault totaled $133.3 million, down 13% from the $152.8 million reported in May. The largest total of sales by a sponsor of these products was $82.8 million by Griffin Capital Corporation and their Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund. This fund’s sales were 62% of total sales reported for June in this sector.

Sponsors reported Private Placement sales of $150.5 million in June, down 9.2% from the $165.8 million reported in May. About 45% of the Private Placement sales reported in June were by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation, with $67.3 million in two programs.

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Loreen M. Gilbert, CIMA, AIF, CRC, CLTC – President, WealthWise Financial Services
Blue Vault
July 6, 2016

Our firm has been using Blue Vault from the first year it was available.

We have found it to be a valuable tool to verify what wholesalers tell us and to dig deep into how the reported investments are really performing.

We appreciate that Blue Vault has expanded its services from initially covering REIT's to now also including BDC's.

Our clients also appreciate that we conduct this additional due diligence on their behalf.