REIT Industry Veteran Ralph Block Dies

September 9, 2016

REIT Industry Veteran Ralph Block Dies

9/7/2016 | By Sarah Borchersen-Keto | REIT.com

Ralph Block, a leading authority on REITs and an active participant in the industry for several decades, died on Sept. 6.

Block was the author of the book “Investing in REITs,” now in its fourth edition. He also authoredThe Essential REIT, a newsletter dedicated to REITs and REIT investing. In addition, Block was a regular contributor to REITmagazine, and he wrote weekly blog posts on REIT investing for SNL Financial.

NAREIT President and CEO Steve Wechsler noted that Block served “as one of the REIT industry’s most eloquent, insightful and wise proponents” over the span of four decades.

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