Small B-D Outlook Improves

June 18, 2018

Small B-D Outlook Improves

June 1, 2018 | Dan Jamieson | Financial Advisor 

One year ago, small broker-dealers weren’t feeling particularly upbeat. With the implementation of the DOL rule looming, most were scrambling to re-engineer their businesses.

But in the 12 subsequent months, all signs point to a far less onerous regulatory environment than many anticipated. That, in turn, is making the independent brokerage business appear far more attractive than it has for several years.

One indication of a turnaround in the IBD space is the renewed interest of private equity investors. One year ago, two Morgan Stanley executives—Doug Ketterer and Eugene Elias —and Kevin Beard, former head of acquisition and recruiting strategy at AIG Advisor Group, formed Atria Wealth Solutions to acquire registered investment advisors and broker-dealers. It was backed by Lee Equity Partners.

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