The impact of remote working on commercial real estate

December 4, 2017

The impact of remote working on commercial real estate

December 2017 | Regus


For decades, one of the biggest markers of prestige for a business was its property: an imposing, large-scale office building was the sign of a truly successful company.

But this idea is changing, as increasing numbers of us turn away from the traditional model of commuting every day into a central corporate HQ. This is happening around the world – in the UK, for example, 15% of employees work from home, while in India the figure has already hit 50%. As a result, the decreasing number of us using the traditional model is rendering these big, sole-occupancy office buildings a smaller part of the bigger picture. For brokers, this could be seen as a threat to their bottom line, as their portfolio of large, single-site offerings becomes more and more outdated.

This isn’t, however, the whole story – it’s also a rare opportunity to pivot your sales strategy and take advantage of the reshaped ideas about working. Using data gathered from our large client base through our annual Great Big Survey* (GBS), we explore how brokers can reshape their offering to capitalize on the increasing preference for flexibility in how – and where – we do our jobs.

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August 28, 2017

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