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What Are Your Firm’s Differentiators? November 10, 2023

What Are Your Firm’s Differentiators?

The quest for differentiation isn’t just about establishing uniqueness – it’s about conveying value in an environment where competition is intense.
Why “Done” Often Outweighs “Perfect” November 1, 2023

Why “Done” Often Outweighs “Perfect”

In marketing, a common struggle often arises: How do we strike a balance between perfection and getting something done? If you’ve ever found yourself agonizing over every detail of a marketing piece, only to see deadlines whiz past, you’re not alone.
Advent of Change October 18, 2023

Advent of Change

“We’re in a very complex, ever-evolving industry,” Geiger begins. “What makes Advent stand out is the depth of our domain expertise.” With decades of industry experience, long-serving employees and the backing of SS&C, the company’s credentials certainly inspire confidence....
Legitimizing Your Firm October 18, 2023

Legitimizing Your Firm

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley and “the van down by the river?” Well, recently, we had a client come to us that made us think of that, because they wanted us to help legitimize their firm so they didn’t look like they worked out of a van down by the river.…
Is Every Commercial Office Property in Trouble? October 18, 2023

Is Every Commercial Office Property in Trouble?

Midway through 2023, media coverage of the challenges many commercial office real estate owners are confronting has reached a feverish level. One may wonder if the sector’s current low vacancy rates and refinancing requirements will ultimately bring down our entire economy. We think not...
How Our Series 7 Securities Licenses Benefit Our Clients October 18, 2023

How Our Series 7 Securities Licenses Benefit Our Clients

You may think of a Series 7 Securities License as the exclusive domain of financial advisors. But can this valuable credential also benefit those of us in the marketing realm? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Let us introduce ourselves – we are Alise and Cherie, both proud holders of Series 7 Securities Licenses. Here’s…

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