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Improving Your Presentations September 23, 2023

Improving Your Presentations

Are you familiar with the term “word wall?” We recently encountered many word walls during our time at a conference. Imagine this: you’re seated in a conference room, staring at a screen filled edge-to-edge with words in a small font. Despite your best efforts to squint and engage with the content, the speaker’s words become…
Know Your Non-Traded REITs: An Insight into Non-Traded REITs and Their Evolution September 21, 2023

Know Your Non-Traded REITs: An Insight into Non-Traded REITs and Their Evolution

Driven by market pressures and regulatory changes, non-traded real estate investment trusts (non-traded REITs) have evolved over time to become more appealing to today’s investors. Fund structures today offer greater efficiency and transparency while continuing to provide the benefits of indirect ownership in institutional-quality commercial real estate. This whitepaper will provide an overview of REITs…
5 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your CTAs September 21, 2023

5 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your CTAs

Ever felt that pang of frustration when you can't find something right in front of you? Just like a misplaced phone on your desk, your clients feel the same when they can't decipher the next step on your website or email. The solution? Powerful and clear calls to action (CTAs).
AI Is Only As Good As The Humans Behind It September 19, 2023

AI Is Only As Good As The Humans Behind It

AI Is Only As Good As The Humans Behind It  September 15, 2023 | Marketing Intent With the rise of AI, people think it can do everything. But it’s important to understand AI not as all-powerful, but rather as an effective tool influenced by its human operator. In this article, we’ll discuss how we pair…
Adding Value To Your Webinars September 8, 2023

Adding Value To Your Webinars

Webinars – are they all about you? They shouldn’t be. At least that’s what we have heard from advisors. Read on to learn what advisors want to know about your firm.  
Third-Party Information Is Invaluable September 8, 2023

Third-Party Information Is Invaluable

Financial advisors love getting third-party information from asset managers. This is what we’ve been hearing in the field. Why? Read on for the many reasons third-party information can be a powerful tool for asset managers and how it helps financial advisors. 
LODAS Markets Expands Offering September 6, 2023

LODAS Markets Expands Offering

LODAS Markets, the third-largest alternatives market operator in the U.S., today announced four Walton Global funds are available for trading, marking the first listing of private limited partnerships available to accredited investors on the LODAS marketplace.
Do We Have The Capacity To Take On Your Next Project? August 30, 2023

Do We Have The Capacity To Take On Your Next Project?

Clients often ask how we know we have the capacity to take on one of their projects? The answer lies in project management. We’re dedicated to maintaining a high level of project management in both our systems and our personnel to understand our capacity, accurately estimate when we can deliver projects and so that we…

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